Your Water Quality May Not Be What You Think


Your local water utility is required by the EPA to produce an annual water quality report. This is called a Consumer Confidence Report, or CCR, which your utility shares with you once per year.

The CCR is intended to provide information about the contaminants in your water. However, most CCR results are based on averages from testing in the utility's pipes rather than at the tap. Nearly all third party water quality information available online is based on this sort of testing.

Annual water reports are far from perfect

  • They can be difficult to find
  • Limited information on contamination
  • Lacks health impacts and plumbing information
  • Does not represent YOUR water quality at your tap

You can only know the quality at your tap with a lab water test

The only way to know your home’s tap water chemistry, is to test it at home. Until recently, certified environmental testing labs have not been accessible at home. Tap Score has changed that.

Get Your Water's Report Card

Understand Your Health Risks

Match Treatment To Contaminants

Monitor Local Water Quality

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New York Times Wirecutter

Tap Score is a report that's truly yours

A Tap Score report is more than just an overview of your water quality. Potentially hazardous detections are highlighted and explained in detail. Should you need help with choosing a treatment device, our experts provide unbiased, personalized advice at no additional charge.

The right test for your home

Each Tap Score test kid includes everything you need to sample your water and have it tested in a certified lab.

Unlike your utility's CCR report, your water test will reflect the water in your pipes and home, giving you a better idea of how your water is impacting your health.

Tests for water utility water

City Water

Water tests for utility water.

Tests for Groundwater and Springs


Water tests for private and shared wells.


Everything you need to get started

You'll be surprised by how easy it is to sample your water at home. Collecting the sample only takes a minute and return shipping is included.

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