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"Of the three tests that we took, Tap Score was the easiest. It also had the most comprehensive results"

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About SimpleWater Tap Score

Headquartered at the University of California, Berkeley Award-Winning SimpleWater is proudly independent and dedicated to offering fast, state-of-the-art environmental testing services across North America. Every Tap Score Water Quality Report includes detail-rich water health analysis and expert scientific support. See why millions of households across North America choose Tap Score for home health: click here.

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Order your water test here and we’ll send you sterile sampling materials and free, pre-paid return shipping to the lab.


Once lab testing is completed, we'll send you a detailed Tap Score report that you can review at your leisure.


If you need treatment, get exactly what you need so you don't waste time and money.

"My local utility had an incident that exposed our city to dangerous amounts of Trihalomethanes in our tap water. I bought Tap Score to make sure my new treatment system is doing its job."

Paulette in San Juan

“The SimpleWater team is simply fabulous. They made the whole water testing experience painless - including understanding what the lab results mean. I saved a few hundred dollars and couldn't have been more confident in the outcome.”

Ryan in Palo Alto

By The Numbers


Of lead in plumbing is enough to cause permanent brain damage.


Of homes have at least one water contaminant above potentially harmful levels.


Of tests reveal some level of a health related contaminant that can easily be remedied.

Get unbiased, professional laboratory reports with one easy testing package. Our award-winning team has created the easiest way to know what's in your water.

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