Testing Programs for Schools

75% of schools risk lead in water. 16% of schools failed their lead tests, another 16% of schools were unsure if they had completed lead testing, and 43% of schools failed to test their water for lead at all.

Children are more vulnerable to the detrimental neurological effects of lead toxicity, such as permanently reduced IQ. Lead also decreases bone and muscle growth, causing other developmental delays.

So What Are We Doing About It

Tap Score can help you plan and pay for for testing your school's water for lead and other common drinking water contaminants. Government-run programs may be too slow, limited, or cumbersome for your needs. That's where we come in.

How does it work?

The first option is to purchase a bundle of tests directly and you'll receive our assistance in organizing and performing testing at your institution. Many schools don't have a budget for testing lead or other drinking water contaminants. If this is your case, read on.

Crowdfunding School Testing

Contact our team and mention you want to test the water at your school. We'll set up a web page just for your school where you, as the project champion, can tell people to go. Each person will contribute small amounts until the necessary funding goal (we'll help you determine what's appropriate) is reached. Once the funding goal is reached we'll ship out the testing materials to you and guide you through the process.