75% of schools have a serious risk of lead in water. Lead exposes children to permanent neurological damage including reduced IQ. Lead also decreases bone and muscle growth, causing other developmental problems. You can't assume someone else is taking care of it. Regulation moves slowly and only 8 states require testing in schools.


Haven't tested their water


Don't know if they tested


Failed lead tests

Lead is just the tip of the iceberg: Arsenic, cadmium, nickel, and other heavy metals can be found in school water supplies nationwide.

So what can I do about it?

Option #1: Buy It Now

Your first option as an individual parent or a parent's association is to purchase our School Testing Package. The school testing package provides enormous value as it includes a laboratory screen for a wide range of metals, general properties, and bacteria. For schools only, this package can be purchased directly for $499 (it's a $825 value!).

What you get

Once testing has been completed, you'll receive a shareable link to a summary page with all 5 Tap Score Reports for your school. Each report will detail the exact concentrations of contaminants detected at each testing location, and the health risk associated with them.


Option #2: Crowdfunding a School Test

If $499 is too steep for a direct purchase, our team can set up, at no additional cost, a crowdfunding page that can be shared with every parent in the school. When everyone has contributed what they can, and the $499 is funded, we'll work with you to collect the samples and report on the school's water quality.