Drugs and Pharmaceuticals Water Test

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Drugs and Pharmaceuticals Water Test





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More than half of Americans regularly use a prescription drug, all of which are eventually flushed or tossed into our water supply and environment. These chemicals are being discovered in places where they shouldn’t be.

While little is known about how these chemicals affect your body in very small doses over the long term, this is an easy way for anyone to test their drinking water for pharmaceuticals, personal care product chemicals and other related endocrine disrupting compounds.

What's in the box

photo of tap score box with vials in lab

Testing packages include sterilized water sampling vials, return shipping label, testing instructions, sample information card, and foam padding for the contents.

Please note that unless otherwise specified, each product is intended for a single sampling location.

Once the lab receives your box, your personalized Tap Score Report will arrive by email within 14 business days.

Contaminants in this test

testing by a certified lab

This test includes analysis of the following compounds using ASTM testing methods.

Sex-Related Hormones and Contraceptives
Non-Steroidal Anti-Inflammatory Drug (NSAIDs)
Pain Relievers
Antidepressant (SSRI)
Lipid Regulators
Personal Care Products

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