Universal Bacteria Genetic Identification Test

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Universal Bacteria Genetic Identification Test
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Recommended by SimpleLab™ for clients who are seeking to identify all bacteria in their water sample at the DNA level. This cutting-edge water testing package provides a comprehensive bacterial DNA analysis of a water sample to uncover sources of biological hazards. This is the ideal test for determining the biological health of water and pinpointing source(s) of contamination—especially from surface waters such as lakes, rivers, and beaches that have repeatedly tested positive for E. coli using traditional indicator tests.

This Tap Score water test package provides all required materials to properly collect and submit a sample for certified laboratory testing.

Testing includes: DNA analysis and identification of all living pathogens in a given water sample.

Report analysis includes: Health-risk assessment, potential plumbing and aesthetic issues (taste, odor, appearance), comparison to any regulatory limits and/or public health guidelines, and unbiased treatment recommendations.