Legionella Water Test

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Legionella Water Test
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Tap Score offers you an all-inclusive laboratory test for legionella in water using the Gold Standard Legionella Culture Method, following ISO 11731.

Tap Score testing laboratories are CDC ELITE certified and accredited by AIHA-LAP and/or NYS DOH ELAP. 

Legionnaires' disease has gathered significant media attention due to many high profile deaths and illnesses. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), between 8,000 and 18,000 Americans are hospitalized each year with Legionnaires.

Legionella is a gram-negative bacterium that often lives in still, warm water but can survive under a wide range of temperatures and conditions. Legionella has been isolated in air-conditioning units, faucets, pools, spas, showers and other water-related devices.

This package include testing for the following legionella species:

Legionella pneumophila
Legionella anisa
Legionella bozemanii
Legionella dumoffii
Legionella gormanii
Legionella jordanis
Legionella longbeachae 1 and 2
Legionella micdadei
and many more.


You will receive a box with the following contents (per sample):

Sterile bottle(s) with sodium thiosulfate preservative
Insulated cooler with bags for ice
Pre-paid overnight return shipping label
Sampling Instructions