Strontium-90 Water Test

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Strontium-90 Water Test
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100% satisfaction guaranteed


EPA Testing





This is a laboratory test for Strontium-90 in a water sample using EPA testing method 901.1 or equivalent.

Stontium-90 is the most prevalent form (radioactive isotope) of strontium found in the environment. Exposure to high levels of strontium can affect bone growth in children and has been linked to leukemia and bone-cancer in adults.

The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has set a health reference standard of 1.5 PPM for strontium in drinking water.

Tap Score's laboratory water testing for strontium-90 includes everything you need to properly sample, send, and receive a laboratory analysis of strontium in your tap water. Tap Score strontium-90 reporting first includes a clear breakdown of total strontium (strontium-89 and strontium-90). If no total strontium is detected, then results are completed in 10 days. If total strontium does include a detection, then subsequent analysis will continue in order to obtain a result for strontium-90. This second phase of analysis can require up to 3 weeks to obtain a significant result.

Tap Score reporting includes your strontium-related radiation levels, plus what those concentrations mean for you health as well as easy treatment options if necessary.