Certified Home Loan Water Test (VA, FHA, more)

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Certified Home Loan Water Test (VA, FHA, more)





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If you are purchasing a new home, refinancing, or otherwise requiring a mortgage then Tap Score’s Home Loan Water Test is the perfect solution for you.

Certified Lab Analysis Includes: Arsenic, Nitrate, Nitrite, Lead, Total Coliform, E.Coli.

**NOTE: Most labs do not include expensive return shipping. Tap Score includes all shipping costs in your price.**

This popular certified home water testing package includes all laboratory analysis required by VA, FHA and USDA Minimum Property Requirements on laboratory letterhead with EPA ID #.

This test is ideal for buyers and sellers evaluating the costs and important long term health and maintenance considerations for a home transaction.

Includes unbiased water treatment recommendations and cost estimates.

NEW - The Upgraded Certified Home Loan Test now offers the same certified testing, with 40+ additional contaminants tested, for only $49 more.