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Bacteria in Drinking Water: Tap Score's Tests


 Tap Score offers you an easy way to test your water in a professional laboratory. Our water quality testing packages focus on lab testing chemical, physical and radiological contaminants because lab testing is the most accurate analysis. However, for many types of bacteria and other biological contaminants in drinking water, it is prohibitively expensive to ship the necessary volumes of water overnight in the mail and at the right temperature. To make bacterial testing more affordable and still accurate, SimpleLab Tap Score offers customers professional grade self-testing kits for biological contamination.

Many customers choose to add certain self testing kits for analyzing their water quality for bacteria and other biological parameters at home.

What are Tap Score's Bacterial Tests and Which Should You Add to Your Water Test?

Iron-related Bacteria Test

Do you have reddish stains on clothing and/or reddish brown/yellowish slime on fixtures? The cause might be iron related bacteria.

Sulfate-reducing Bacteria Test

Does your tap water have a rotten egg smell or taste? Sulfate and hydrogen sulfide related bacteria give off a stink! 

Slime-forming Bacteria Test

If you have that rotten egg smell and notice a darkening of water and/or corroded pipes or fixtures, your drinking water may suffer from slime forming bacteria.

Nitrate-related Bacteria Test

Nitrates are tasteless, odorless, colorless, so it won’t be easy to know if you’re facing nitrate problems unless you test. If you’re on well water near a farm, you may want to test to make sure nitrate-fertilizers aren’t leaching into your water supply.

Coliform Bacteria Test

Coliform bacteria might not give you an upset stomach, but it is a key indicator to indicate that pathogens might be in your water. Coliform can get into your water from leaky septic systems or improperly treated utility water (rare, but this can happen).

Algae Test

Algal blooms in your area are one indication that algae could be in your water supply if you’re on a shallower well. Otherwise, algae at the water source for your water provider can lead to algae at the tap. Some types of algae are toxic, but often algae just causes a moldy taste and smell and is harmless. Our algae tests are coming soon.

Tap Score Water Testing

How To Add A Bacterial Self Test Kit To Your Tap Score Water Test

Once you’ve chosen the water test that is best for your tap water, you’ll see a big orange button saying “Add to Cart”. Scroll down and you’ll see  "Add ons (optional)”. Click “get” for as many tests as you would like to add to your water test!

If you have any questions, or suspect a bacteria that you don't see on this list, feel free to contact us at and we’d be happy to help! 

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