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Imagine A Day Without Water...

Imagine A Day Without Water...


What would a day without water look like? No water to drink, shower with, or even to flush a toilet. If it’s challenging for you to imagine–then you are very fortunate.

While most Americans can’t imagine a day without water, there are many communities that have lived, and are currently living, without water because they don’t have access to safe and reliable water treatment and distribution systems.

It’s time to think about what this means and do something about it!

88% of Americans Agree On Something?

October 10th is Imagine a Day Without Water–a national day of action to raise awareness about the value of water in our lives. We at SimpleLab, are proudly joining the cause. We want to leverage our collective power, educate decision makers, and inspire communities to recognize and put water infrastructure on the agenda for improvement. No other issue facing our public officials has such a broad consensus as water quality and sanitation–with 88 percent of Americans support increasing federal investment to rebuild water infrastructure, and 75 percent of Americans want Congress to invest in our nation’s water infrastructure before our systems fail. A day without water is a public health and safety crisis and the reality is, America's water infrastructure is failing. This infrastructure supports every facet of our daily lives, but it is facing a myriad of challenges. These challenges look different to different communities and will require local solutions, but it’s clear that this demands our attention.

In honor of this campaign, we’re offering a special 10% discount today on any of our Tap Score water testing package with the code: DayWithoutWater10

No community can thrive without water, and everyone deserves a safe, reliable, accessible water services. Investing in our water is investing in a future where no American will have to imagine a day without water.

For more information about the campaign and ways to participate, take a look at here.

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