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We're giving free equipment to plumbers to run advanced water testing analysis in homes nationwide.

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Tap Score is the most trusted name in drinking water health.


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31% of American Homes Should be Treating Their Water Better

When you sign up for Tap Score Pro, you get priority access to a national network of advanced laboratory testing, so that you can offer homes and businesses professional-grade water health analysis, and provide smarter long-term treatment options.


Collect a sample and send it to us. Your kit includes everything you need, including pre-paid shipping labels.


Once lab testing is completed, we'll send you a detailed Tap Score report that you can review with your customer.


Install and maintain the optimal treatment for your customers with the certainty of laboratory-grade results.

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What's Included?

Everything You Need For 8 Tests

Get everything you need to impress your customers. We'll send you enough vials, shipping labels, and containers to run twelve tests, with pay-later invoicing.

Easy to Understand Lab Reports

Tap Score translates the latest toxicological and epidemiological studies into an easy to understand report with quantified contaminant levels and health risks explained.

Treatment Installation

Data shows that people are more likely to consider home water treatment if they understand the contaminants coming out of their tap. Optionally, we'll match certified treatment solutions for every customer's report.

Why Tap Score?

Plumbers are in the ideal role to have a conversation with people about their water quality, how it can affect their health, and their pipes.

About SimpleWater Tap Score

SimpleWater is an award-winning science and health services firm founded at the University of California in Berkeley with the mission of improving people's drinking water and long term health. Tap Score is a service for easy home water testing and reporting, created by SimpleWater.

In partnership with The University of California in Berkeley and the Boston University School of Public Health, SimpleWater developed cutting edge water health analysis that is applied to every Tap Score Report.

Small amounts of harmful contaminants, many of which do not smell, look, or taste like anything at all, cause serious physical and mental health effects as they build up in your body. The key to protecting yourself and your family is having reliable and convenient access to high quality testing and analysis. Learn more about SimpleWater.