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Leverage 100,000,000 water quality test results to strengthen your product, enhance your brand, and grow sales.

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Not all water is equal

Bad tap water leads to cancer in 100,000 Americans every year, yet fewer than 1% have lab tested their water quality.

SimpleWater lets your clients know how their water affects them.

SimpleWater's Mission

To shed light on health risks nationwide so people can live healthily and more sustainably.

Utilizing the largest nationwide network of water testing laboratories and more than 100 environmental datasets. SimpleWater's Water Quality API is the most advanced tool for estimating water quality health at any tap, nationwide.


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Key benefits

High-res water quality data, nationwide
Hyper-local test results & estimates
Daily machine-learning predictions & forecasts
Contaminant risks, trends & heat-mapping
Household water health evaluations
Utility water, groundwater, and surface water

Easy API integrations

Water Businesses

Government Agencies

Non-Profit Analysis

Home Inspection


Health & Insurance

The Technology

Collecting Water Data

You get access to the most recent water quality results distributed over more than 1,000,000 sampling locations nationwide

Validating Water Data

Over 1 TB of data cleaned and analyzed for daily updates and water quality mapping nationwide

Modeling & Analysis

Machine learning and Bayesian modeling techniques calculate analysis for more than 1,000,000 estimated water quality concentrations nationwide, every day

Results Reporting

The most advanced and accurate water quality data reporting and estimation platform ever, available at your fingertips.

Industries that benefit from our water quality API

Smart Homes, Plumbing, HVAC, Construction

From the kitchen tap to the plumbing and shwoers, provide hyper-local water quality estimates so that your clients can feel confident they're in good hands.


Protect the young, the old, and the extra sensitive from allergens, irritants, and other harmful pollutants in the water.

Water Treatment

People invest in more treatment when they understand the issues in their home. They maintain their systems more diligently and trust your brand when you use Tap Score water testing to keep them feeling protected.

Global Leaders in Water Quality Testing and Analysis

SimpleWater, Inc. utilizes proprietary software to enrich your local water data with thousands of hyper-local test results for hundreds of contaminants tested at public and private sampling locations nationwide. This unparalleled mesh of water quality data underpins the accurancy and timeliness of our modeling, lab reporting, and health risk evaluations.