Certified Lead and Copper Rule Test

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Certified Lead and Copper Rule Test
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Designed for collecting two (2) water samples and testing both for lead and copper concentrations.

Lead and copper are the two most common contaminants found in US water. They are especially harmful to the development of young children.

Even in "safe" cities, changes in water chemistry can dissolve these metals from old pipes and deposit them in your drinking water.

Do-It-Yourself testing strips are slightly cheaper, but leave you exposed. They detect these metals only long after they've reached harmful levels, and provide messy, uncertain results.

Tap Score's water testing for lead and copper follows EPA's 3T's Program requiring two samples per fixture:

  • One 250-mL initial first draw sample (taken after an 8-18 hour stagnation period), and
  • One 250-mL follow-up flush sample (taken after a 30-second flush after the initial sample)

Your order includes all sampling materials and instructions.