Advanced Dental Unit Water Test

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Advanced Dental Unit Water Test
100% satisfaction guaranteed
100% satisfaction guaranteed

Professional laboratory water testing for US dental and medical offices. This package is specifically designed to test, identify and address health and safety issues concerning water quality in dental unit waterlines and other office drinking water fixtures.


After 5 days, you’ll receive a complete Tap Score water quality test report by email. Each report includes full chemical and biological analysis along with a comparison to health and regulatory thresholds. 


  1. Sterile sampling materials
  2. Clear Instructions
  3. Pre-paid return shipping labels
  4. Professional water quality testing and treatment support
  5. Certified Tap Score Water Quality Report with detailed analysis
  6. Certified Tap Score Results PDF 

Certified laboratory analysis of each sample will include:

  • Heavy metals (Lead, Mercury, Arsenic...)
  • Bacteria (heterotrophic plate count, slime forming bacteria)
  • Other metals and inorganics (Fluoride, Nickel, 30+ elemental analysis)
  • General chemistry (hardness, pH, conductivity)


Each package has materials required for a single sample. If you need to test multiple samples, then you must order multiple packages.