Home Inspector Pro Water Test (Upgraded)

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Home Inspector Pro Water Test (Upgraded)
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100% satisfaction guaranteed





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This product is intended for commercial partners and requires a Tap Score Pro account.

Test the water in any building through certified labs with the fastest turnaround time in the industry.

This is the pre-upgraded version of the Home Inspector Pro Water Test. The results for this include a broader range of parameters than the basic test, and still comply with FHA / VA requirements and those of the great majority of lending institutions and states.

The results for the upgraded test are delivered in a full Tap Score Report format including health risk analysis for each contaminant detected, remediation recommendations (if you have selected this in your settings), and nearby results.

In order to upgrade an existing Home Inspector Pro Water Test to this upgraded version, purchase the upgrade here and include the id of the test you want to upgrade in your order notes (before returning it to the lab for testing).