Home Inspector Pro Water Test (Upgraded)

$ 49.95

Home Inspector Pro Water Test (Upgraded)

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Tap Score Pro is for Commercial Partners Only.

Test water in any home, site or facility with certified labs.

This pre-upgraded test includes 40+ additional water health parameters over the Home Inspector Pro Water Test.

This test includes:

  • 40+ Additional Parameters not required for home loans but of interest to all homeowners: including pH, hardness, alkalinity, copper, chromium, cadmium, nickel, mercury, barium, manganese, aluminum, chloride, sulfate, fluoride and more.
  • Digital Tap Score ® Report with detailed health risk analysis for each contaminant detected in the sample, pipe health analysis, treatment cost estimates and recommendations, local water quality report for groundwater and utility water, and Tap Score's famous customer support.

This Package is Currently Only Available in the Continental USA.