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Lead and Copper Testing

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Lead and Copper Testing
Testing Summary
  • Lead
  • Copper
  • pH

This is an Activation purchase for a Tap Score Package. It requires that you already have the box and vials on hand. Your samples will be tested for the contaminants you activate for.

Designed to detect lead and copper with laboratory precision.

Lead and copper are the two most common contaminants found in US water, due to thousands of miles of old pipes serving our homes. They are especially harmful to the development of young children.

Even in "safe" cities, changes in water chemistry can dissolve these metals from old pipes and deposit them in your drinking water.

Do-It-Yourself testing strips are slightly cheaper, but leave you exposed. They detect these metals only long after they've reached harmful levels, and provide messy, uncertain results.

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Ideal For Customers Who

  • Live in homes built before 1986 or areas with old infrastructure.
  • Have households with young children.
  • Are concerned about neurological illness.
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Your Box Includes

Testing packages include sterilized water sampling vials, return shipping label, and testing instructions.

Once the lab receives your box, your personalized Tap Score Report will arrive by email within 10 business days.

Your Tap Score Report Includes

  • Dedicated support from a specialist for any water questions.
  • Contaminant health analysis detailing their effect on your body and mind.
  • Specific contaminant-matched treatment recommendations if you need them.
  • Local water quality information for your area.
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All Parameters Tested

All testing is performed with EPA recommended testing methods

Lead: Enters your tap water while in contact with the pipes and fixtures leading up to your home faucet. Lead is an extremely toxic heavy metal that should not be ingested in any amount by children or adults.

Copper: Although less toxic than lead, Copper is more commonly detected in water samples since it is is the primary material in more than 95% of US home plumbing.

pH: A general indicator of your water's health.

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