Lead and Copper Testing

$ 37.00

Lead and Copper Testing

Designed to detect lead and copper with laboratory precision.

Lead and copper are the two most common contaminants found in US water, due to thousands of miles of old pipes serving our homes. They are especially harmful to the development of young children.

Even in "safe" cities, changes in water chemistry can dissolve these metals from old pipes and deposit them in your drinking water.

Do-It-Yourself testing strips are slightly cheaper, but leave you exposed. They detect these metals only long after they've reached harmful levels, and provide messy, uncertain results.

What does this test for?

testing by a certified lab

All testing is performed with EPA certified testing methods.

Lead: Enters your tap water while in contact with the pipes and fixtures leading up to your home faucet. Lead is an extremely toxic heavy metal that should not be ingested in any amount by children or adults.

Copper: Although less toxic than lead, Copper is more commonly detected in water samples since it is is the primary material in more than 95% of US home plumbing.

pH: A general indicator of your water's health.

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Who is this for?

This package is designed for customers who:

  • Need a professional laboratory test for lead and copper that is far more sensitive than DIY test strips.
  • Want to try Tap Score with the option of upgrading to more complete testing after the package is delivered.

Informational testing

By default, this broad-based chemical and biological water quality screening package is designed to provide you with general information about your water for personal use. Each report includes analysis for specific numerical concentration levels of each contaminant and details about the potential sources and health effects associated with each parameter. We are not medical doctors and Tap Score does not provide medical advice. For medical concerns always consult your doctor. As an informational water quality test, this package is not meant for state or federal compliance water testing. If you or your organization requires compliance with State or Federal Law, or compliance with a particular regulatory requirement then you must contact our support team and we will use the appropriate certified laboratory facilities to ensure your compliance testing requirements are met. For more information about Tap Score informational testing and certification options click here.

This is an Activation purchase for a Tap Score Package. It requires that you already have the box and sampling materials on hand. Your samples will be tested for the parameters you activate for.