Pay Later Kit (Home Inspector)

$ 19.99

Pay Later Kit (Home Inspector)

When you purchase this item you will receive ready-to-go sampling kits for the Home Inspector test of your choice. Select the type of test you want materials for in the drop-down menu, then enter the quantity of kits you want (each kit is for one sample location).

You can then activate them by paying the testing cost for that test when you are ready. Log into your Tap Score Pro dashboard for the most up to date list of test prices and turnaround times. Faster turnaround times are available upon request for an additional fee. Contact a representative if you'd like to review expedited testing options. If you don't have an account, it can be created before or after purchasing this kit.

Usage of this product requires a Tap Score Pro account.

Limited Time Promotion: If you order 3 or more Pay Later Pro Kits, enter the code HATPRO on checkout to take 50% off.