SimpleWater Tap Score

PR Disaster Relief Advanced Testing

$ 120.00

PR Disaster Relief Advanced Testing

This will activate one Advanced Commercial Test for each unit in your order.

Please Follow These Instructions Carefully:

Within 12 hours of your purchase you will receive an email with one 'activation code' (e.g K4XV4B) per unit purchased. You may purchase as many codes at the same time as you have vials available.

After you collect your sample from a single source using one 120ml plastic bottle and one 30ml glass vial, you must write down the activation code three times for each sample taken.

Write the code down on:

  • The sample information card where you've recorded the sampling technique used.
  • On the small glass vial.
  • On the large 120ml plastic vial.

If you'd like to record additional information about the sample, fill out the local factors questionnaire for the corresponding code linked from the email.

Carefully package the vials, making sure the lids are tightly closed and the glass vials well padded, and send them back to the lab location you receive by email.