SimpleWater Tap Score

Pro Bacteria Test II

$ 100.00

Pro Bacteria Test II

Lab Screening For Bacteria In Home Drinking Water

The Tap Score Advanced Well Water Test includes the option for a Do-It-Yourself bacteria screen. For customers who want improved accuracy and reliability we also offer a separate laboratory testing service.

Tap Score Bacteria Testing is performed in a certified laboratory and analyzes your drinking water sample for potentially harmful bacteria indicators. The tests measure:

(1) Salmonella and some species
(2) Citrobacter
(3) Proteus
(4) Edwardsiella
(5) Klebsiella

Customers who perform laboratory bacteria testing receive a cool pack to keep samples preserved during transit. Customers also receive clear sampling and mailing instructions as well as a 24-hour pre-paid shipping label.

It is very important that customers follow the sampling and shipping directions carefully. In particular, shipping the samples to the lab on a Monday, Tuesday or Wednesday only as laboratory analysis must be performed within 24 hours of your sampling.

Note: This test is a presence/absence test and is for informational purposes only.


    • Open the box and remove the cool pack, place it in the freezer. Once the ice pack is frozen, remove the vial labeled “Bacteria” from your box
    • Fill this sample vial with your drinking water.
    • Remove the frozen ice pack from the freezer.
    • Pack the box with your water sample and ice pack.
    • Rush the sample box to a return delivery service.
    • The same day you collect the samples return the shipping box using the prepaid label. We recommend you collect your sample and return it on a Monday, Tuesday or Wednesday so that it can be tested as quickly as possible.

    Note: This test does not produce a Tap Score report and is only a presence / absence screen. Many of our customers choose to purchase this along with their regular Tap Score package.

    All Tap Score Packages Are 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed