Soil Testing Wholesale Kit (Retail Only)

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Soil Testing Wholesale Kit (Retail Only)

This product is a wholesale sampling kit exclusively for sale to nurseries and other retailers at a minimum order volume of 10 units.


Happy plants need healthy soil.

Offer your customers the first choice in certified laboratory soil testing.

When you stock the Tap Score Soil Test, your customers can purchase a full soil sampling kit in your store and then activate their preferred testing panel online (

Your customers receive advice on soil amendments and ideal plants they can purchase in your store. Every Tap Score Soil Test Report includes:

(1) Certified lab testing
(2) Quantified test results
(3) University-driven soil health reporting and advice

Ultimately, we hope that our lab testing can help your customers feel more confident about returning to your store!

MSRP: $6 - $10
(Our recommend price for the kit you'll sell in store)

Click Here for an example Tap Score Soil Report Card.

How does it work?

testing your soil is easy and fun

Soil Testing Package Delivered To You
We'll send your sampling materials and instructions to you by mail.

What's In Your Test Package
For each soil sample:

  • 1x Geological soil sampling bag, made of an unfinished woven poly-cotton
  • 1x Sterile whirl-pak waterproof easy wrap-down bag
  • 1x Tap Score Soil Sampling Instruction Manual
  • 1x Tap Score Soil Sample Information Card

Conduct Your Soil Sampling
Follow the included directions to collect proper soil samples using the materials in your box.

Ship it Back
Send your samples back to the testing facility following the included instructions.

Quantified Results Sent by Email
The lab will analyze your samples and report results back to you by email. Your soil report will contain quantified concentrations, as well as fertilizer recommendations and growing tips (if you need them)!

Professional Support Included
If you have questions or want to understand something in more detail, we’re always standing by with engineers, scientists, and gardeners ready to help.

What does this test for?

testing by a certified lab

Each Tap Score Soil Test package includes sampling materials for one (1) soil sample including macro- and micronutrients, as well as heavy metals and other vital soil health characteristics – such as pH, and organic matter.

These characterizations allow us (and you) to figure out what is missing, what is wrong, and ultimately how to improve your soil quality and your plants’ health. We will guide you in your decision-making process about restoring your soil's health based on your lab results.

Indicates your soil’s acidity or alkalinity on a scale of 0 to 14.

Cation Exchange Capacity
Cation Exchange Capacity (CEC) is the calculated value that estimates a soil’s ability to attract, retain, and exchange cations (positively charged ions). Many nutrients exist as cations, therefore CEC helps indicate a soil's ability to supply important plant nutrients.

Percent Base Saturation
Percent base saturation is the percentage of the CEC occupied by calcium, magnesium, and potassium cations. Values can indicate issues related to potassium concentration or soil acidity.

Lime Buffering Capacity
Lime buffering capacity (LBC) signifies a soil’s ability to resist a pH change. Expressed as weight of pure lime (CaCO3) needed to raise the pH of one kg of soil by one unit, LBC can be used to calculate the amount of agricultural lime required to reach a target pH.

Organic Matter
The amount of plant and animal residue present in your soil is known as Organic Matter (OM). This is reported as percent of total soil.

Nitrate as Nitrogen (NO3-N)
Nitrate is critical to plant growth and production. The nitrate measured is soluble and readily available for your plants to uptake as fertilizer.

Plant Macronutrients
Phosphorus, Potassium, Nitrogen, Calcium.

Plant Micronutrients