Wastewater Treatment Testing: Essential II

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Wastewater Treatment Testing: Essential II
100% satisfaction guaranteed
100% satisfaction guaranteed

Pro Wastewater Testing Package

This laboratory testing package is intended for analysis of a wastewater matrix. Specialized sampling materials, instructions and pre-paid return shipping labels are all included for each package ordered. Each package corresponds to a single test.

Test results reporting will include quantitative analysis of the following parameters:

  • BOD, Biological Oxygen Demand (PPM)
  • COD, Chemical Oxygen Demand (PPM)
  • TDS, Total Dissolved Solids (PPM)
  • TSS, Total Suspended Solids (PPM)
  • Turbidity (NTU)
  • pH

For the list of SOPs and detailed testing methods, reach out to hello@simplewater.us and reference this product title "Wastewater Treatment Testing: Essential II"