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Microplastics in Drinking Water
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Are Microplastics in My Drinking Water?

Almost all of the plastic ever manufactured is still on earth! What is more – plastic doesn't ever fully disappear. Plastic breaks down into tiny bits that enter water bodies...


Contaminants Articles

Bottled Water Myths and Facts - Tap Score

Bottled Water: Myths vs. Facts

There are loads misconceptions when it comes to bottled water. From the claim that "bottled water is always sterile and free of contaminants" to "bottled water is regulated more stringently...

HPC Results - What Do They Mean?

What Do HPC Test Results Actually Mean?

While almost all pathogenic bacteria are heterotrophic, but not all heterotrophic bacteria are pathogenic. Subsequently, heterotrophic plate count (HPC) is an indicator of overall bacterial presence in your water, but...

PUR Water Filters - What Do They Remove From Water?

What Do PUR Pitchers Filter Out?

With thousands of pitcher filters on the market and an intimidating mix of treatment options, it can be challenging to navigate the best filter for your water. To help consumers...

What Do Brita Pitchers Filter Out  - SimpleLab Guide

What Do Brita Pitchers Filter Out?

Brita pitchers have become almost synonymous with safe drinking water. With thousands of pitcher filters on the market and an intimidating mix of treatment options, it is tempting to stick...

What is 5th liter sampling?

LCRR: Improving Lead Sampling Through the 5th Liter Requirement

The primary contributor to lead in drinking water is the lead service line (LSL) typically found underneath older homes and/or in cities that haven’t invested in major infrastructural overhauls. The...

Lead Testing in Child Care Centers - California

Lead Testing In Child Care Centers—What You Need to Know

It’s no secret the U.S. is grappling with a lead crisis. Aging piping infrastructure and decreased public funding have left millions of Americans grappling with dangerous lead levels in their...

Dioxins and Furans: Toxic Chemicals Explained

Dioxins and Furans: Toxic Chemicals Explained

The list of unintended consequences from industrial activity is long and complex. An important member of this list is the release of chemical byproducts into the environment. Read below to...

What are aquatic herbicides

Aquatic Herbicides Explained

Aquatic herbicides are often used to kill invasive plant species and reduce algal blooms that threaten the health of aquatic ecosystems. Learn more about how and why aquatic herbicides are...