Tap Score Science

A national network of 100% certified labs.

Unlike other test providers, we partner with hundreds of certified labs all across the country, allowing us to test your water sample faster and with higher scientific standards.

National Lab Network

We are the only company to operate a nation-wide network of specialized water testing labs.

What does this mean?

  • Stronger

    Your sample is matched to a lab that specializes in your specific drinking water and concerns. There are no scientific generalists in our network.

  • Greater

    More labs means less wait time. Scientists test your sample within hours of receiving it and typically turn around results within 5 to 7 business days.

  • Higher

    Partnering with smaller, specialized labs allows for stronger oversight, protocols, and standards to ensure your water sample is being treated in elite, world-class facilities.

Tap Score Algorithm

Innovative. Impartial. Accurate.

After our labs evaluate your drinking water, we generate your Tap Score using an algorithm that removes subjectivity and supports unbiased solutions.

Our algorithm calculates

Water Aesthetics

Plumbing Impact

Health & Safety Impact

Local Data & Federal Benchmarks


Targeted Testing

Tests for every water type.

All homes, plumbing and drinking water sources are different, so we have spent years developing tests for every possible scenario, no matter where you live.

  • Get Covered

    Our Core Kits, based on your water source, will cover just about everything you need. We recommend everyone start here, then customize as needed.

  • Get Specific

    If you have a very specific exposure risk or concern, like agricultural runoff, you may want to shop our smaller, more focused kits.

  • Get Nerdy

    Do you know your stuff? You looking for something realllly specific? Then you can shop our water tests by the exact substance you have in mind.


We fight misinformation with science.

For years, the bottled water industry has painted tap water with one, broad, evil brush. But most drinking water is not bad at all. We exist to cut through the noise and bring you the facts.


Awards & Recognition

Have questions about our labs?

We take great pride in our scientific standards, methods and process so ask us anything. We're here to help.

Are your labs EPA certified?

The EPA validates certain analytical methods but gives facility certification powers to outside agencies, which have certified ALL Tap Score labs with various accreditations ranging from ISO, to NELAC, to State, to DoD (among others).

How accurate are my results?

Instrumentation is extremely accurate when reporting concentration data and any variability in sample testing results comes from changes in the sample itself.

Which lab will my sample go to?

Depending on your location and the testing kit you select, your samples will be shipped to the laboratory that best meets your needs for turnaround time, instrumentation, and testing methods.

How complex is the report?

Your report, which includes your personalized tap score and contaminant breakdown, is designed to be comprehensive but simple, actionable and easy to read. And should you have questions, you know where to find us.