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Total THMs and HAA5 in Drinking Water Quick Guide

Quick Guide: Trihalomethanes and HAA5/HAA9

Chlorine remains the leading method of water disinfection in the United States due to its cost-effectiveness. However, it is widely understood that chlorination may result in some unintended consequences. Read more to learn...

Haloacetic Acids (HAA5/HAA9) in Drinking Water

Quick Guide: Haloacetic Acids in Drinking Water Explained

Chlorine disinfection is essential for protecting us from waterborne diseases, but it can lead to dangerous byproducts in your water including haloacetic acids (HAA5/HAA9). Read on to learn what HAA5/HAA9 are, how...

ultimate guide to discolored tap water

The Complete Guide to Discolored Tap Water

While changes to the color of your tap water can indicate different problems along the line, discolored water does not necessarily suggest your water is dangerous to drink. Read on...

PUR Water Filters - What Do They Remove From Water?

What Do PUR Pitchers Filter Out?

With thousands of pitcher filters on the market and an intimidating mix of treatment options, it can be challenging to navigate the best filter for your water. To help consumers...

What Do Brita Pitchers Filter Out  - Unbiased Guide

What Do Brita Pitchers Filter Out?

Brita pitchers have become almost synonymous with safe drinking water. With thousands of pitcher filters on the market and an intimidating mix of treatment options, it is tempting to stick...

What do Berkey Water Filters Remove? - Unbiased Overview

What Do Berkeys Filter Out?

If you’ve looked into purchasing an at-home water treatment device, you’ve likely come across Berkey filters. However, without extensive testing or certification to NSF/ANSI standards for all of their claims,...

ultimate tap water taste guide

The Ultimate Tap Water Taste Guide

The taste of your water is so important. In fact, aesthetics—taste, smell, color—are one of the leading reasons people choose not to drink their household tap water. But understanding why...

Best water test 2024 - Tap Score

The Best Water Testing Kits of 2024

The New York Times Wirecutter has named Tap Score the “best water quality test kit for your home”. Tap Score testing not only offers accurate results for over 1000+ contaminants,...