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Benefits of a SimpleLab Account

Benefits of a SimpleLab Account


When you place a Tap Score order, you will be able to set up a free SimpleLab Account. This account provides you with a number of unique benefits. Beyond acting as your online report repository and dashboard, where you can track test status and review your results, your SimpleLab Account facilitates outstanding customer support for any of your Tap Score questions. Additionally, you’ll gain access to advanced privacy and sharing settings, as well as 100+ other testing labs for any future needs.

Read more on creating your new SimpleLab Account.

Create your free account here: Create a SimpleLab Account

Customer service

As a Tap Score customer, you’ll receive ongoing support services from SimpleLab live chat, phone support, and email professionals. Your SimpleLab Account is where your Tap Score report will reside when completed. When you’re logged into your SimpleLab account, the Tap Score support team can more easily coordinate answers to your questions, and also uphold stronger privacy measures. 

Data and privacy

Through your SimpleLab Account you can manage your testing data, privacy and sharing settings. Want to send a private or anonymous copy of your report to a treatment vendor or other supplier? You can easily arrange that inside of your SimpleLab Account.

Other Environmental Tests

SimpleLab powers Tap Score, giving you access to countless drinking water testing options. SimpleLab also powers the testing capabilities of 100+ certified environmental laboratories which test other matrices like wastewater, soil, food, and more. A SimpleLab Account means you can freely access all these testing options directly whenever you need them.

Water Quality Search and Other Tools

Your SimpleLab Account also gives you direct access to the Water Quality Search (WQS) tool which enables you to search for water quality data near any address in the USA– groundwater and city water alike.

For more information about a SimpleLab Account, chat with your Tap Score or SimpleLab support team.

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