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Sophisticated Testing By Our Certified Lab

Tap Score is designed for You. We use a modern data-driven approach to design Complete Coverage packages that target the contaminants most likely to affect your water, depending on your source. We also offer a growing variety of targeted tests to address specific concerns you have about your water. If you have any questions or require a more customized test, chat in real time with an expert using the green button on the lower right.

Color changing strips and DIY home tests simply don't cut it. Contaminants like lead are harmful at any level, even those far below what those tests can detect. You need a lab test, but you don't need to go to a lab.

Popular testing kits don't detect lead at 14 PPB, a level at which it can already cause permanent developmental damage to children. While they go to great lengths to hide this fact, we can detect 1 PPB with our Lead & Copper Testing and all other testing packages.

For Water System Customers

Treated water takes a 3 day journey to your home, often through through old pipes and infrastructure. Disinfection byproducts may appear from reactions with treatment chemicals.

For Private and Shared Wells

The only way to know what's in your water is to perform a complete screen. Many carcinogens have no taste or color and intrude into groundwater from many sources.


Complete Coverage For Private and Shared Wells

Protects against contaminants that come from the ground or were put there later. Includes Heavy Metals.

Step 1. Order securely on this site.

Step 2. Fill the vials in the box with drinking water and ship them back to us with free return shipping.

Step 3. Ten business days after we receive it, you'll get your full report via email.

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Save Money on the Right Treatment

With thousands of treatment products out there, finding the right one is a pain. Choosing poorly can result in higher costs or not treating all the contaminants in your water.

We match your contaminants to the products that treat them, saving you a weekend of tedious research. We're always available to answer your questions and are not affiliated with any treatment brands, so our advice is unbiased. If you only need an inexpensive pitcher with activated carbon, we'll gladly let you know.

Your Health, Not Regulations

Other testing companies compare your results to government legal limits that reflect the practical costs of large scale treatment and the effects industry lobbying. Those limits only exist for a fraction of contaminants and can take 30 years to establish with new regulations. Even Public Health Goals published by the government can be outdated and exist for even fewer contaminants.

Tap Score is the only service to employ the latest research in order to give you a full picture of how your drinking water affects your health, with the precision available to the best public health institutions in the country. No one can guarantee your water is 100% safe, but we do more than anyone else to put the best available information at your fingertips.

Water Experts, Here For You

SimpleWater, the company behind Tap Score, has been cited by leading industry publications and awarded research grants by the EPA. Drinking safe water without chronic health risks is not always straightforward, even when you drink spring water. We make it easier to protect your home and your family.

We Take Care of Our Customers

"We’ve tested our water every year for 20 years, and the Tap Score was the first test I can honestly say I fully understood."

– Claire H. in Connecticut

"My local utility had an incident that exposed our city to dangerous amounts of Trihalomethanes in our tap water. I bought Tap Score to make sure my new treatment system is doing its job."

– Paulette L. in San Juan

“I get my water from a water utility, when I got my score it was a 53 and I was wondering, how could that be?! The Tap Score person explained to me though that they use health guidelines rather than regulations to calculate your water score. The regulations aren’t always as good as they should be.”

– Mother in the Midwest

“Honestly, I went into this as a sceptic because we’ve been through so many shady water testing services. When I got my Tap Score report it was beautiful though, and the conversation I had with your staff was informative and SO so helpful. You probably saved us from spending a fortune on a Reverse Osmosis treatment we didn't need... and I learned about chloramines! Thank you John and Casey!”

– Laura in Los Angeles

“Lots of bells and whistles, but worth it, great test.”

– Tom in Houston

“It tasted great, but we’d had no idea there were heavy metals in our drinking water.”

– Sam in California

Check Nearby Water Before Testing

We're always making it easier for you to learn about health risks lurking in your local water supply, whether you're on a well or public system. See for yourself with our Completely Free Local Water Risks tool. If you're in a low risk area, you might only need to perform a Heavy Metals Test to protect against deteriorating pipes.

We keep our customer's data private so this tool is powered by hundreds of millions of tests performed by federal and state governments. You can also read more about our groundbreaking water quality mapping work.

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