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SimpleWater Tap Score

The Only Smart Water Test

  • Testing for EPA contaminants and more
  • Professional laboratory analysis
  • Clear health risks evaluation
  • Personalized treatment recommendations

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If You Have a Private Well

If You Have a Private Well

  • The only way to know what's coming out of your well is to perform a complete screen.
  • We monitor a wide range of dangerous contaminants to give you peace of mind.
  • Naturally occurring elements like arsenic cause cancer but have no taste or color.
If You Drink Municipal Water

If You Drink Municipal Water

  • The public water system treats your water and sends it on a 3 day journey to your home.
  • Harmful disinfection byproducts can result from water treatment chemicals.
  • We test for possible contamination from old pipes and leakage.


Contaminants can migrate into your water from old plumbing, leaky septic tanks, illegal dumping, and naturally occurring sources. Monitoring agencies test water at government wells and treatment stations, but that doesn't mean they know what's coming out of your tap.
How It Works

How It Works

You can Purchase Tap Score securely through this site. It takes one minute to collect your sample following the included instructions. Tap Score is unlike any other water test you can buy.

What makes Tap Score unique

Complete Results

Tap Score isn't just a collection of numbers. It tells a story of how your water affects you and your family's health. Using the latest research, we give you access to the resources you need to protect your household.

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Complete Results
Who We Are

Who We Are

SimpleWater is a water science and technology company founded at the University of California in Berkeley with the mission of making safe water accessible to everybody. We are a team of engineers, scientists, and designers with a vision to improve the way we test, treat, and monitor water pollution.

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Claire H. in Connecticut
We’ve tested our water every year for 20 years, and the Tap Score was the first test I can honestly say I understood.

– Claire H. in Connecticut