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Every Tap Score customer receives an overall water quality score, a contaminant-by-contaminant health analysis  and personalized treatment recommendations. Everything in plain english, with technical details and free phone support from a human available.


Contaminants migrate into water from old plumbing, leaky septic tanks, dumping, and naturally occurring sources. Monitoring agencies test water at government wells and facilities, but that doesn't mean they know what's coming out of your tap. Even very small amounts of these contaminants can increase your risk of cancer over time.

"We’ve tested our water every year for 20 years, and the Tap Score was the first test I can honestly say I fully understood."

– Claire H. in Connecticut

"My local utility had an incident that exposed our city to dangerous amounts of Trihalomethanes in our tap water. I bought Tap Score to make sure my new treatment system is doing its job."

– Paulette L. in San Juan

"It not only shows what's in their water along with any potential health risks, but also suggestions on the most effective solution."

ABC 7 News on Tap Score

"An estimated 4 million Americans are drinking water with Arsenic in it. This creates a 1-in-300 chance of developing cancer."

Huffington Post on SimpleWater

For Private and Shared Wells

Contaminants intrude into groundwater from many sources. The only way to know is to perform a complete screen. Some carcinogens, like arsenic, have no taste or color. Complete coverage for wells $249.

For Public Water System Customers

Treated water takes a long journey to your home, facing possible contamination from old or permeable pipes. Disinfection byproducts also result from regular treatment chemicals. Complete coverage for city water $249.

1. Order Tap Score

Purchase the right Tap Score package for your needs securely through this site. It takes under two minutes to collect your sample following the instructions included inside.

2. Analysis by Certified Lab

Send it back using the included shipping label, our EPA certified lab will screen your water for potential health threats. It takes about 10 days to analyze your samples and prepare your report.

3. Complete Results

Tap Score tells the story of how your water affects your health. With the latest research, we provide resources to protect your household, including detailed treatment recommendations if your water needs it.

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