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Detailed and actionable water testing reports.

We are committed to making drinking water tests simple. Our proprietary Tap Score Report™ makes it easy to understand exactly what’s in your water and what you can do about it.

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What does your report include?

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Your Personal Tap Score

Our unique algorithm considers your water’s aesthetics, impact on your health, impact on your plumbing and how it compares to health and regulatory benchmarks to create a score for your water quality.


Contaminant Breakdown

Depending on the test kit you choose, we will analyze every contaminant detected in your water and provide an evaluation on whether they exist at safe or potentially harmful levels.


Impact On Your Home and Health

Your report will outline any risks your water may pose to your health and safety, the impact it may have on your plumbing (or your pipes’ impact on your water) and what may be causing any undesirable smell, taste, or color.

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Customized Treatment Matching

Tap Score provides treatment recommendations that are unbiased and designed to reduce or remove your specific contamination risks. No one-size-fits-all reccos or hidden upsells.

Tap Score is 100% impartial and does not sell its own treatment products.

Regional lab network for faster turnaround.

Tap Score matches your water sample with the closest lab in our network that specializes in your water source to ensure higher standards and faster turnaround times.

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Have questions
about results?

While your report is designed to be simple and actionable, we have a team of scientists ready to help should you have any questions about your results or what to do next.


How fast will I get my results?

Most people receive results within 3-5 business days after the lab receives their sample. However, some tests may require additional analytical time so be sure to check each kit’s product page for the most accurate estimate.

What do I do after I get my report?

While we do not sell our own treatment products and remain 100% impartial, every Tap Score report comes with treatment considerations based on the quality of your water.

What test do I need?

When in doubt, we recommend that everyone start with one of our CORE KITS, which test multiple contaminants within a single test and are designed specifically for your drinking water source.

Are Tap Score labs certified?

Every lab facility in our network is certified with accreditations ranging from ISO to NELAC/ELAP, Direct State, DoD, DoE, DoH and beyond. Need a specific certification? Let us know so that we can meet your needs accordingly.