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WQA Treatment Providers in Tap Score reports

New feature: WQA Treatment Providers


Unbiased treatment advice gets supercharged with expertise from local Water Quality Association (WQA) members.

Tap Score users have come to expect unbiased advice and independent lab results as a standard feature in their water reports. Unlike other water testing services, Tap Score prides itself on providing the facts only, without working as an affiliate of treatment providers.

However, a large portion of Tap Score users find something in their drinking water they’d like to fix. Tap Score provides technology suggestions, but not product recommendations or brand suggestions.

This unbiased approach to water quality will continue, but as of today Tap Score users will have an easier time finding nearby experts they can trust. 

Find an ethical treatment expert near you

Thanks to the Water Quality Association (WQA), all Tap Score reports now come with the ability to share directly to nearby, certified treatment experts that are WQA members.

WQA members with certified treatment professionals on staff are experts in residential and commercial water filtration. Customers can expect high quality and ethical service in their pursuit of the best drinking water.

WQA is dedicated to promoting the highest principles of honest, integrity, fair dealing and professionalism in the water quality improvement industry. Every WQA member follows a Code of Ethics that assures they will only recommend what the customer needs, rather than misinform or alarm to upsell more product.

This aligns perfectly with the Tap Score mission— to fight misinformation with science and service. 

Affiliate-free. Always.

This cooperation will benefit everyone. Customers get the best possible help with their water, WQA members get free leads and Tap Score can provide a more complete experience.

The service is not automatic. Only customers can reach out to treatment providers, not the other way around.

As with all things Tap Score and water treatment, no money is changing hands.

  • It’s free for WQA members to list their services. 
  • Tap Score does not make money on sales.
  • WQA does not receive money for access to their members.
  • No affiliate links.
  • No commissions.

This continued devotion to honest and unbiased advice will continue to underscore Tap Score’s mission; guaranteeing customers receive the best possible help towards great tap water.

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WQA member availability

This is an opt-in service for WQA members and must be activated in their WQA account at

Tap Score is proud to be a member of WQA. We recommend all treatment providers and vendors to become a member.

Learn how you can become a WQA member too

WQA Professional Certification

WQA Product Certifications


Why Trust Tap Score?

We know how confusing it can be to find advice on water quality and treatment you can trust. That’s part of the reason we made Tap Score—to help improve the way you test and treat your drinking water.

  • No affiliate links: Unlike most sites revolving around water quality, we do not take a cut from sales on filtration systems.
  • Unbiased advice: Our blog is independently researched by our team of water scientists and designed to provide clarity on water quality, not to sell treatment products.
  • Independent laboratory testing: Tap Score test results come from SimpleLab's third-party network of certified laboratories; in other words, accredited labs provide the data without conflicts of interest.
  • Continuously updated: Science never rests. That’s why our content always reflects the latest developments in scientific research and regulatory standards.
  • Always available: Our customer service team is the best in the industry and available anytime via chat to answer all your water quality questions.
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