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Tap Score Powered by SimpleLab

Tap Score Powered by SimpleLab


Tap Score is a professional water test service designed to provide you with unbiased laboratory data concerning your water quality.

SimpleLab manages the network of certified laboratories serving Tap Score customers. This means Tap Score customers can leverage more than 100 accredited analytical facilities in the USA and Canada. This SimpleLab network of laboratories ensures Tap Score customers get fast turnaround times, lots of testing options, low detection levels, optimal analytical method selections, affordable pricing, and sophisticated quality control and assurance.

Powered by SimpleLab

What does it mean? In short, SimpleLab is a software platform built to coordinate large scale laboratory logistics, testing, reporting and support for professional analytical diagnostics. Hundreds of companies utilized SimpleLab to maximize user experience and analytical performance. Tap Score customers are able to set up a free SimpleLab Account.

“Powered by SimpleLab” guarantees that Tap Score samples are analyzed at the optimal facility for fastest turnaround time while still meeting your laboratory certification and test panel requirements. 

SimpleLab Performance

SimpleLab powers a vast number of home, commercial, industrial and municipal engineering test kit programs. You might see “Powered by SimpleLab '' on other test kits but that doesn’t mean they are the same as Tap Score. While Tap Score may utilize the same SimpleLab platform as other types of testing kits, Tap Score has unique benefits and options, including advanced detection levels, report personalizations, and filtration support. These and other features are unique to Tap Score customers. 

Water Testing For Businesses?

If you’re a business looking to set up a routine water testing program or interested in customizing a test kit program for your team or your customers then you should contact SimpleLab support directly ( or visit the SimpleLab website (
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Kate leads operational strategy as COO at Tap Score and SimpleLab. She oversees daily, as well as long-term logistics for tens of thousands of environmental samples across hundreds of certified laboratories. However, she started her environmental testing career by way of scientific blog writing at Tap Score and it continues to be one of her favorite aspects of the business. Outside of Tap Score, Kate loves making homemade pasta, floral arranging, and singing along to Dolly Parton tunes.
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