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Tap Score combines world-class laboratory science with customer service to ensure testing your drinking water is simple, fast and factual. Your followers, clients and customers can rest assured the lab results they receive from us are not biased towards selling them a particular filter or treatment system.

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HAXMAN, a homesteading youtuber tested his well water with Tap Score and racked up 50,000 views in five days.



Cami from Tidbits used Tap Score to performance test her whole-house and Berkey filter to see how they filtered her well water. She now has 150,000 views! Read her full report.




Derek at Modern Castle pitted his own Phoenix tap water against ten popular countertop pitcher filters, including PUR and Brita. It's now in his top 10 videos with 380,000+ views in just a year. The results were eye-opening.



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