Take the Lead

Children in more than 3,000 U.S. cities are exposed to higher lead levels than families in Flint, Michigan.. You can do more.

You Are Tip of the Spear

You are the tip of the spear for citizen science when you tell people to test with Tap Score.  For every customer who uses your 4-digit referral code our team will prepare and deliver a free lead test to a school or family in need.

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Tap Score’s Take The Lead Program


Tap Score now offers free lead testing to communities and families in need. If you know a community, school, or family that can benefit from a free laboratory lead test, please reach out to us with details: hello@tapscore.com.

How This Works

Sharing is caring! Every order placed by someone else using your 4-digit referral code results in a free lead test for a community in need.

Who Gets Free Lead Tests

Water quality testing is often prohibitively expensive and results are difficult to obtain and understand. Here are some of the communities that we provide free lead testing to:

  1. School systems that not have mandatory lead testing requirements
  2. Families who cannot afford to test their home
  3. Other facilities serving disadvantaged groups or individuals.

Why Lead Testing Is Critical

You know that your water quality and your health are linked – and we've worked hard to bring you testing services that fit in your budget.

When someone has more information about their water quality and personal home health, they are likely to make better decisions for their community and family.

Children are most impacted by lead exposure. Research finds that childhood blood lead levels well below the CDC level of concern of 10 μg/d–sometimes up to half of this concentration–can harm neurodevelopment, heart health, and renal and reproductive health.

The American Academy of Pediatrics has recommended that public school drinking water contain lead concentrations no greater than 1 μg/L (or 0.001ppm). Unfortunately, modern “lead-free” faucets and fixtures are permitted to include up to 8% lead. Researchers recently found that these “lead-free” faucets can leach up to 5μg/L–or five times the AAP recommended concentration. These “lead-free” fixtures are estimated to be in nearly all buildings built before 2010-2014. In addition to the 15-22 million homes built before 1986 which are connected to water distribution lines containing lead, the likelihood of school lead levels exceeding the APP’s recommendation is high. Bottled water is also permitted to contain up to 5μg/L lead.

Take the Lead is your opportunity to join us in providing free lead testing to children cross America