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Top 4 Most Popular Water Filter Technologies

The Top 4 Home Water Filter Technologies Explained

Whether your water comes from a private well or a municipal water utility, home water filter systems can reduce and even remove different pollutants from your water. But with so...

PUR Water Filters - What Do They Remove From Water?

What Do PUR Pitchers Filter Out?

With thousands of pitcher filters on the market and an intimidating mix of treatment options, it can be challenging to navigate the best filter for your water. To help consumers...

What Do Brita Pitchers Filter Out  - Unbiased Guide

What Do Brita Pitchers Filter Out?

Brita pitchers have become almost synonymous with safe drinking water. With thousands of pitcher filters on the market and an intimidating mix of treatment options, it is tempting to stick...

What do Berkey Water Filters Remove? - Unbiased Overview

What Do Berkeys Filter Out?

If you’ve looked into purchasing an at-home water treatment device, you’ve likely come across Berkey filters. However, without extensive testing or certification to NSF/ANSI standards for all of their claims,...

Berkey performance testing guide

How Do I Performance Test My Berkey?

Berkey water filters are one of the most popular in-home water treatment devices on the market today, thanks in large part to their robust sales and marketing tactics. But without any NSF/ANSI certifications to...

WQA Treatment Providers in Tap Score reports

New feature: WQA Treatment Providers

Tap Score users can now easily connect with nearby Water Quality Association (WQA) members, certified treatment experts committed to honest, unbiased service. Learn more about our affiliate-free approach and how...

a guide to red flags in water filter reviews

When Can You Trust Water Filter Reviews? A Guide to Red Flags

There are tons of water filter reviews floating around YouTube and the blogosphere touting different treatment solutions. Some are helpful, many of them are not. But how do you know...

Unbiased Guide to best Water Filters for your home

Ultimate and Unbiased Guide to the Best Water Filters for Your Home in 2024

Researching the best water filter can be hard. For various reasons, it can be difficult to get the unbiased information and advice you’re looking for. That’s why we’ve prepared this Ultimate...