Our Mission

Your drinking water deserves the truth.

The bottled water industry has branded drinking water as bad for decades, propping themselves up as a (costly) solution. We exist to cut through the marketing noise, follow the data and deliver the actual, unbiased truth about your drinking water.

We fight


with science and service

with science

and service

  • The Power of Science

    Data doesn’t lie. And with science on our side, we won’t either. By fiercely following the facts and maintaining the highest of scientific standards, our results will always rise above the smoke and mirrors sometimes found in our industry.

  • The Power of Service

    We know this stuff is complicated. But while others may profit off your confusion, our only motivation is to help you understand what’s in your water, how it impacts you and how you can treat it efficiently and cost-effectively. That’s it.


Independent Voices



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Hidden Agenda

Transparency is at the core of everything we do. Our only purpose is to serve you and your drinking water.

Biased Opinions

Our approach is distinctly non-partisan and our suggestions are informed by science and science alone.

Sneaky Upsell

We are scientists. Not salespeople. Our lab results and Tap Score report are never followed by an upsell.

Inefficient Solutions

We recommend only what you need and seek the most efficient and cost-effective solutions possible.

Advocates for all regions.

Whether you live in the suburbs or on a farm, we have developed tests for your specific water source that can tell you how it may be impacting your land, home, or health.

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Got questions?
We have answers.

Where to begin? What should you test for? What does it all mean for your health and safety? Answers to all your big (and small) questions are always a chat away.


Do you have filtration partners?

We are serious about scientific integrity around here so do not sell our own treatment products or partner with any other water or filtration companies. Any treatment considerations we provide are 100% impartial.

What’s wrong with bottled water?

Contrary to what manufacturers want you to believe, bottled water is not held to the same federal benchmarks as tap water and therefore may not be as safe to drink. Bottled water is also costly, not sustainable and rarely transparent about the true source and treatment methods of their water.

Why should I test my water?

There are countless benefits to knowing what's in your water ranging from peace of mind, to identifying the cause of health issues, to saving money on costly filtration units you don't need. Check out our Water Testing 101 page for more information.

Is my filtration system working?

The only way to truly know whether or not your filter is working is to test your water. Consider ordering two tests in order to analyze your drinking water before and after it runs through your filter.