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short guide on wildfires and water quality

Wildfires & Water Quality—How Do Wildfires Impact Your Drinking Water?

While a natural part of most ecosystems, wildfires can have far-reaching consequences on drinking water quality. Our short guide on wildfires and water quality will give you insight into exactly...

ultimate tap water taste guide

The Ultimate Tap Water Taste Guide

The taste of your water is so important. In fact, aesthetics—taste, smell, color—are one of the leading reasons people choose not to drink their household tap water. But understanding why...

lab testing for pfas in drinking water

What Is the Best Way to Test for PFAS in Drinking Water?

Testing for PFAS in drinking water at home is a proactive step towards safeguarding your health and that of your family. But knowing which test to choose from can be...

Free course on Tap Water Quality

Free Course: Tap Water Quality 101

Learn the basics on tap water quality with Tap Score's free course. Learn at your own pace through videos and quizzes, including information on contaminants and treatment technologies.

Ultimate Guide to PFAS in drinking water

PFAS in Drinking Water: Everything You Need To Know

This comprehensive guide provides a deeper understanding of PFAS, including their history, prevalence, and health effects, as well as addressing "regrettable substitutions" like GenX. Gain valuable insights into how to...

WQA Treatment Providers in Tap Score reports

New feature: WQA Treatment Providers

Tap Score users can now easily connect with nearby Water Quality Association (WQA) members, certified treatment experts committed to honest, unbiased service. Learn more about our affiliate-free approach and how...

When Can You Trust Water Filter Reviews? A Guide to Red Flags

When Can You Trust Water Filter Reviews? A Guide to Red Flags

There are tons of water filter reviews floating around YouTube and the blogosphere touting different treatment solutions. Some are helpful, many of them are not. But how do you know...

What is SAR?

Sodium Adsorption Ratio, Irrigation, and Soil Health

Not all water is created equal. One way in which water quality varies is the Sodium Adsorption Ratio (SAR). While high SAR is not ultimately an issue of human health, it...