Coliform and E. coli Water Test

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Coliform and E. coli Water Test
100% satisfaction guaranteed
100% satisfaction guaranteed

This laboratory test is designed for customers who want high-precision accuracy for bacteria testing.

Tap Score Canada’s Coliform and E. coli Water Test is performed in a professional laboratory and analyzes your drinking water sample for potentially harmful bacteria indicators.

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Contaminants this tests for

testing by a certified lab
This testing package is designed to test your sample for:

Total Coliform, E. coli.

How it works

Testing package includes sterilized water sampling vial(s), return shipping label, cold pack, testing instructions, a sample information card, and padding to protect the contents.

Informational testing

By default, this broad-based chemical and biological water quality screening package is designed to provide you with general information about your water for personal use. Each report includes analysis for specific numerical concentration levels of each contaminant and details about the potential sources and health effects associated with each parameter. We are not medical doctors and Tap Score does not provide medical advice. For medical concerns always consult your doctor. As an informational water quality test, this package is not meant for state or federal compliance water testing. If you or your organization requires compliance with State or Federal Law, or compliance with a particular regulatory requirement then you must contact our support team and we will use the appropriate certified laboratory facilities to ensure your compliance testing requirements are met. For more information about Tap Score informational testing and certification options click here.