Advanced Radiological Water Test

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Advanced Radiological Water Test
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According to a recent investigative report by our friends at Environmental Working Group (EWG), more than 170 million Americans drink tap water contaminated by radiation. Long term exposure to low levels of radiation in drinking water is a serious health hazard, especially for pregnant women.

This package tests your water for:
EPA 900.0 -- Gross Alpha/Gross Beta
EPA 200.8 -- Uranium
SM 7500 Rn B -- Radon
EPA 903.0 -- Radium-226
EPA 904.0 -- Radium-228

This package is ideal for testing water for radioactivity from the following sources:
Naturally occurring bedrock
With close proximity to waste facilities
With close proximity to agricultural activity
With close proximity to oil and gas activity

The Advanced Radiological Water Test package includes all sampling materials, instructions, and pre-paid return shipping labels for proficient sampling, professional testing and thorough water quality reporting.