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Tap Score Data Privacy and Sharing

Tap Score Data Privacy and Sharing


Tap Score Results Are Private

Privacy is extremely important. That’s why we will never share your personal Tap Score data with anyone but you. Furthermore, if you choose to share your results with someone else (doctor, filtration expert, plumber, etc.)–Tap Score offers the most sophisticated report-sharing functionalities available.

For our published research, environmental data tools, and environmental data products, we always anonymize, de-identify and aggregate customer environmental data so that it cannot be connected to the customer or household where the test was performed.

  • Tap Score environmental results are aggregated in data and software tools built by SimpleLab. All software/tools are built in-house and only integrate with reputable third party platforms for cloud data storage and processing, where necessary.
  • Customer and environmental data is stored using industry standard encryption methods (AES-256). This means data is encrypted in our secure server, as well as when it moves between your computer and our server.
  • We do not store credit card information in any database managed by SimpleLab or Tap Score. You directly communicate with Shopify and Stripe for card and payment processing, which are PCI compliant when storing and processing credit card information.
  • Our site is only accessible via HTTPS. This ensures a secure connection and interaction with our site at all times.

3 Layers of Data Privacy

  • Your email address
  • Your personal report sharing settings
  • Your private login credentials to your SimpleLab account

Your Email Address

Your personal data will never be shared with anyone except for you, the person who placed the order. Specifically, each Tap Score report is only ever sent to the email address provided by the individual who placed the test kit order. If there’s an issue with the email address that was used for placing the original order, then you can change your email address at any time by contacting the support team through live chat or email ( ).

Note: You must have access to the original email address in order to change it to a new one. If you do not have access to the original email address then you can confirm the order details or credit card information.

Personal Report Sharing Settings

Even though Tap Score Reports are private, it is often important to be able to share your results with someone else. Perhaps someone in your home, neighborhood, a doctor, a filtration expert, a plumber, etc….

Good news, Tap Score Reports give you unique and sophisticated sharing settings. As the owner of a report you can click on the Sharing button at the top right corner of your report on your computer screen. From there, you can configure your online and print sharing options.

NOTE: If you are accessing your report from a mobile device or tablet, you can access the sharing functions from the “Next Steps” tab from the drop-down menu in the upper right corner. 

Sharing Tap Score Report


From there you’ll see the following Tap Score sharing pop-up where you can customize your report sharing settings.

Enable Sharing of Tap Score Report

On this page you can enable online sharing and create a unique copy/paste link which you can share online or in an email. You can also go one step further when creating this link and anonymize the report that gets shared.

This means that when people see a copy of your shared report–your name, address, and other private information will be hidden from view. Only you, logged into your SimpleLab account will be able to see that private information. Anyone else with the share link will be unable to view these details, but will still be able to read the rest of the report. For instance, they can see contaminant concentrations and results but not your name or address. Additionally, anyone with the link to your shared report will NOT be able to edit any of the Sample Info details.   

You can toggle these sharing and anonymity settings on or off at any time. 

Finally, you can also download a PDF copy of your report for easy printing and you have the option to anonymize details on that PDF as well.

Your SimpleLab Account is Private

Another important layer of data privacy is your SimpleLab Account.

Your unique account and password are private and nobody else will be able to login and see the reported results or statuses for any of your tests. Moreover, SimpleLab customer support will only discuss your report results with you if you’re logged in. For this reason, do not share your account login information with anyone.

More Questions?

Still have questions about Tap Score report data, privacy, and sharing? Contact our team at any time:

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