Well Water Test Kit

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Well Water Test Kit

Analyze your well water for contaminants with our mail-to-lab kits. From Coliform bacteria and arsenic to agricultural runoff and other groundwater pollutants; we’ve made certified laboratory analysis easy. Whether you’re running an annual checkup or performing a new private well inspection, we provide unmatched, confidential insights.


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Which Core Kit do I need?

Which kit you choose depends on how many contaminants you'd like to test. Consult any Core Kit product page for a side-by-side comparison or try our Customize My Kit feature to match your needs with the perfect option.

What's the turnaround time?

Most people receive results within 3-5 business days after the lab receives their sample. However, some tests may require additional analytical time so be sure to check each kit’s product page for the most accurate estimate.

What does my report include?

Your report will rank your water against local and federal safety benchmarks, provide a thorough breakdown of any contaminants detected and how they may be affecting your health or plumbing, and provide non-biased treatment recommendations.

Are Tap Score labs certified?

Every lab facility in our network is certified with accreditations ranging from ISO to NELAC/ELAP, Direct State, DoD, DoE, DoH and beyond. Need a specific certification? Let us know so that we can meet your needs accordingly.