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SimpleWater Tap Score

Complete Results

Every Tap Score Report includes:

  1. Tap Score Grade (out of 100) evaluating the overall safety of your tap water
  2. In-depth analysis of your most important contaminants, in plain English
  3. Treatment Recommendations tailored for your needs & preferences
  4. Contact information for a local water authority in your area
  5. Formal laboratory report of all tested contaminants at your faucet

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Interpreting Tap Score Grades

We know that laboratory water quality reports are almost always lacking in context and are painfully difficult to read, making it difficult to understand what threats exist in your pipes. Because the quality of the water you drink and cook with every day is so important to your health, we seek to make sense of this complexity with Tap Score. We've designed intuitive graphics and use plain English to explain everything you’d want to know about each contaminant in your water, with the integrity of an official EPA water quality assessment.

Not only does each contaminant present in your water appear prominently, but we calculate an overall Tap Score to make it easy to quickly compare the overall quality of water from different sources. The Tap Score can be interpreted as follows:


Very Bad









Product Finder

Once you know what's in your water, how do you bring it up to the cleanest standards? Our product finder combines a database of treatment equipment certified by the NSF, and combines it with your preferences and your water's contaminant profile, to recommend the best treatment alternatives for you.

SimpleWater Research

SimpleWater isn't just doing water testing. We are building the most complete maps of US water quality and discovering new ways of bringing clean water to the communities that don't have access to it.

Your Personal Water Risk Map

We're Building The Most Powerful Water Quality, Health and Environment Map Ever. When Yours Is Available, We'll Tell You!