Extended Well Water Test
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Core Kit

Extended Well Water Test

184 Analytes Tested
Coliform P/A heavy metals nitrates pesticides radioactive particles tannins turbidity See Full List

Recommended as a very comprehensive water quality testing panel for any home, building, or facility served by a private well or spring. Ideal for new wells or water sources that are treated and/or located in radon risk zones or otherwise near agricultural, industrial, and/or oil and gas activity.

  • Certified lab testing
  • Fast turnaround at lab (12 days)
  • Free shipping, both ways

This Mail-to-Lab Kit Includes: All materials needed for sample collection, easy-to-follow instructions, chain of custody documentation, and a prepaid return label for seamless shipping to an accredited lab.

Lab Report: The results will include detailed analysis of common water health concerns related to natural water chemistry, nearby human activity, and on-premise plumbing.

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This is the right test if you:

  • Are served by a private or shared well.
  • Have a septic tank near the well or other source of potential bacterial contamination.
  • Have young children or other vulnerable individuals in your home.
  • Concerned about runoff from agricultural activity.
  • Concerned about contamination from oil and gas or industrial operations.
  • Water appears to have an oily, iridescent sheen or a yellow-brown hue.
  • Want to check for chemicals from plastic pipes.
  • Concerned nearby agriculture and pesticide use.
  • Located in an area with potential radiological contamination or known radon issues.

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What’s inside your testing kit?

Sampling Instructions

Every test comes with step by step instructions on how to prepare your water source, collect your water sample, and prepare your sample for return shipment to our labs.

Collection Bottles

Your kit includes all the bottles, tubes or vials necessary to collect your water sample. For most kits, however, there is only one collection bottle needed.

Sample Information Card

Your kit includes a postcard that asks for a few details about how and where you collected your sample (i.e. kitchen faucet). Just fill it out, drop it in the return box, and we'll do the rest.

Prepaid Shipping Label

Shipping is always on us. This package includes a prepaid priority shipping label to the lab. Just stick the provided label on the outside of the box and drop it in the mail.

Return Container (If Applicable)

Some of our tests require your water sample to be cold when it reaches our labs. If this applies to your test, the proper refrigeration items will be included.

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Go ahead. Ask us anything

We know this stuff feels complicated, but we are dedicated to keeping it simple. Answers to all your questions are always a chat or FAQ away.


Which test is right for me?

When in doubt, start with a Core Kit to analyze multiple contaminants with a single test. If you have more specific motivations for testing, try our Customize My Kit feature to match your needs to the right test(s).

What's the turnaround time?

Most people receive results within 3-5 business days after the lab receives their sample. However, some tests may require additional analytical time so be sure to check each kit’s product page for the most accurate estimate.

What will my report include?

Your report will rank your water against local and federal safety benchmarks, provide a thorough breakdown of any contaminants detected and how they may be affecting your health or plumbing, and provide non-biased treatment recommendations.

Are Tap Score labs certified?

Every lab facility in our network is certified with accreditations ranging from ISO to NELAC/ELAP, Direct State, DoD, DoE, DoH and beyond. Need a specific certification? Let us know so that we can meet your needs accordingly.