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General drinking water quality properties guide

General Chemistry of Water

There are many technical terms surrounding the general properties of your drinking water, but this shouldn’t stop you from knowing your water’s fundamental chemistry. Read on to find out why...

Lab tests vs test strips

Lab Tests vs. Test Strips—What’s The Best Water Test For You in 2024?

With so many water test options available though, making the right decision can be a daunting task. In this crash course we’ll be covering the two most popular water test...

Tap Score Laboratory Certifications

Tap Score Lab Certifications

Laboratory certification in the water quality industry is as important as it is confusing. Here we try to disentangle the many threads of laboratory accreditation and certification so that you...

Tap Score Algorithm

How Does the Tap Score Algorithm Work?

Developed by SimpleLab, the Tap Score algorithm evaluates the potential health, aesthetic, and plumbing effects of your lab-submitted water sample, providing a rigorous yet clear picture of your water quality...

Laboratory Detection Limits Explained

Laboratory Detection Limits Explained

All laboratory testing instruments and methods have an inherent minimum detection level–a concentration below which an instrument fails to measure something reliably. If you’re doing a laboratory water test then...

MCL and MCLG - Drinking Water Standards Explained

What Is The Difference Between MCLG and MCL?

There are thousands of acronyms used by the EPA, water engineers, and public health practitioners. When it comes to understanding them all–it is no surprise that many folks get confused....