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Water Testing With Tap Score

Where Can I Get My Water Tested?


Water quality is a hot topic, but how do you know you're choosing the right test and who can analyze your water for you?

Water Lab Testing Options: Overview

You can find a local lab that accepts water samples or you can use a mail-in service like Tap Score.

Local Lab Water Testing

✅ Sometimes offer limited free testing
✅ Might know local risks

❌ Limited testing capacity
❌ Cumbersome drop-off process
❌ Difficult to understand results
❌ No customer service
❌ No help with treatment solutions


Free mail-in water test kits

✅ Increased number of analytes tested
✅ Convenient and easy

❌ Might double as a sales tool for expensive filters
❌ Difficult to understand results


Tap Score mail-in water test kits

✅ Widest range of testing
✅ Convenient and easy
✅ Easy to understand results
✅ Free expert advice
✅ Commission-free treatment suggestions

What Makes for a Good Water Test?

Regardless of where and how you choose to get your water tested it's important to cover the most common and important analytes.

A basic water test should not just test for general parameters like hardness, pH, alkalinity and so on, but also check for dangerous chemicals and contaminants.

Always ensure you test for heavy metals like lead, arsenic and chromium to start. Nitrate(s) should also be included and if you're on a private well it's crucial you test for Coliform and E. coli bacteria.

Beyond those parameters you have to consider your local risks versus your budget. Consider whether you have well, city, spring or rainwater as your source and choose accordingly.

How To Pick A Water Test
  1. Do-it-yourself test strips are neither accurate nor comprehensive. Cheap test strips for $20 simply won’t cut it (here’s why).

  2. It doesn’t matter so much that the lab is near you, what’s more important is that the lab needs to maintain EPA, NELAC or Direct State accreditations.

  3. Find a lab with a broad list of capabilities (not only does it test for coliform bacteria and lead, but has testing capabilities for other common contaminants like arsenic, manganese, uranium, PFAS, etc..

  4. Find a lab that provides free shipping both ways.

Water Testing Near Me

Most DIY self-tests for water are cheap, but highly inaccurate and function more as sales tools for filtration companies. Instead, have your water tested in a certified laboratory.

Finding a certified water testing lab in your area can be difficult. Most drinking water labs will only work for large clients (those spend $10,000 or more per year). So, how do you find a reliable water testing lab that will test your water quality at home?

Finding a fully functional lab in your hometown can be very difficult because fewer than 2% of US cities have an accredited facility (there are ~400 certified drinking water labs in the USA).

So, where do you go to get your water tested?

Water Testing In Your Area

Just because a drinking water lab is nearby doesn’t mean it will have the ability to test for the most important contaminants you care about. Many local labs ONLY analyze for the basics, like coliform bacteria and lead. While important, these contaminants barely scratch the surface of issues present in US drinking water.

For example, EPA regulates more than 100 different common water quality contaminants. There are thousands of other more esoteric contaminants NOT yet regulated.

Another common reason people look for a local lab for water testing is because they think it’s the only way to get samples to the laboratory on-time. A good water testing service however will provide you with the necessary shipping labels for timely return of samples to the lab. 

Customer Support with Tap Score

What About My Local Water Quality Report (CCR?)

If you receive water from a local utility, they will be monitoring your tap water to ensure it's safe to drink according to EPA regulations (MCL). This is called a Consumer Confidence Report (CCR).

These regulations, however, only apply to a small number of contaminants like lead and copper. They will typically also use chlorine to remove any dangerous microorganisms in your water, but this treatment process can lead to the chlorine turning into dangerous disinfection byproducts that can only be detected at your tap.

That's why testing at your tap is so important. With a service like Tap Score you'll be able to determine what's right to test for in your water. Get started with our easy-to-use tool that helps determine which test is right for you.

Why Tap Score Is The Leader In Home Water Testing

  1. Customer service and satisfaction is our highest priority.

  2. Your testing is done in 125+ accredited water testing labs across the USA.

  3. You’ll get free shipping both ways.

  4. Choose from more than 2000 different contaminants to test for.

  5. It’s easy to choose the best testing kit for your needs.

  6. Get dependable results without waiting for weeks.

  7. You can understand your report, trust your results and even get unbiased. recommendations on household water filtration (if you need it).

Tap Score Advanced City Water Test
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Advanced City Water Test
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$ 279.00
Tap Score Essential Well Water Test
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Essential Well Water Test
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$ 199.00
PFAS Water Test
PFAS Water Test
14 Analytes Tested
$ 299.00

If you have questions about what to test for in your area, ask Tap Score or visit the website. 

For the full list Tap Score Water Test options, click here.


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