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Health Effects of PFAS

The Health Effects of PFAS

PFAS (also known as "forever chemicals") are creating a modern-day “public health crisis”, and we are still discovering the full extent of their health effects. Read on for a summary...


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What Do Brita Pitchers Filter Out  - SimpleLab Guide

What Do Brita Pitchers Filter Out?

Brita pitchers have become almost synonymous with safe drinking water. With thousands of pitcher filters on the market and an intimidating mix of treatment options, it is tempting to stick...

What are NSF Certifications for Water Filters?

NSF/ANSI Certifications Explained

The National Sanitation Foundation (NSF) is an independent product testing, inspection, and certification organization. One of the many functions of the NSF is to conduct testing and certification of water...

When is water safe to swim in?

When Is It Safe to Swim?—Staying Healthy and Safe in Recreational Waters

Whether you’re going to your local swimming pool or whitewater rafting on a nearby river, it’s important to know that the water is safe before you get in. Read this...

How Is Bottled Water Regulated?

How Is Bottled Water Regulated?

There is a widespread perception that bottled water is ‘pure’ and free of contaminants, due in part to misleading marketing, which compounds pre-existing distrust in tap water quality. While concern...

What is 5th liter sampling?

LCRR: Improving Lead Sampling Through the 5th Liter Requirement

The primary contributor to lead in drinking water is the lead service line (LSL) typically found underneath older homes and/or in cities that haven’t invested in major infrastructural overhauls. The...

Should I Boil My Water Before Drinking?

Is Boiled Water Pure?

You may have heard that boiling your water will make it safer to drink. However, it’s important to know the facts about boiling your water before switching on the stove....

What is the LCRR?

What Are the Lead and Copper Rule Revisions (LCRR)?

What does the revised Lead and Copper Rule (LCRR) mean for you?  The new Lead and Copper Rule Revisions introduce a proactive approach to protecting children and communities from the...

Lead Testing in Child Care Centers - California

Lead Testing In Child Care Centers—What You Need to Know

It’s no secret the U.S. is grappling with a lead crisis. Aging piping infrastructure and decreased public funding have left millions of Americans grappling with dangerous lead levels in their...