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Extended City Water Test

Extended City Water Test

$ 620 $ 499

  • ✓ Physical Parameters
  • ✓ Toxic Metals
  • ✓ Nitrate Scan
  • ✓ Chlorine & Chloramine
  • ✓ Plastic Pipe Chemicals
  • ✓ Trihalomethanes
  • ✓ Haloacetic Acids
  • ✓ Radioactive Particles
  • ✓ Chlorate
Pro Lead & Copper Testing also available for $49. Click here.

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“Honestly, I went into this as a skeptic because we’ve been through so many shady water testing services. When I got my Tap Score report it was beautiful though, and the conversation I had with your staff was informative and SO so helpful. You probably saved us from spending a fortune on a Reverse Osmosis treatment we didn't need... and I learned about chloramines! Thank you John and Casey!”

Laura in Los Angeles

“I get my water from a water utility, when I got my score it was a 53 and I was wondering, how could that be?! The Tap Score person explained to me though that they use health guidelines rather than regulations to calculate your water score. The regulations aren’t always as good as they should be.”

Mother in the Midwest

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