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SimpleWater Tap Score

How It Works

Tap Score is the easiest way to get a complete picture of what's in your water.

collect tap water samples

You can purchase Tap Score securely through this site. Your package will arrive in 2-5 business days. Let us know if you require certification of your results for legal purposes like selling a home.

The box you receive will include two sterilized vials, clear instructions, and return postage. It takes one minute to collect the samples and place them back inside our padded box.

return the box with pre paid postage to our lab
Tap Score gives you the most complete look into your water's contaminant profile

Once you mail back the box with the pre-paid postage, we'll send you an email with a link to access your Tap Score within two weeks.

How Tap Score Compares

vs. DIY Home Test

You're not an environmental chemist (if you are, contact!

Home water tests measure fewer contaminants and are less accurate than a professional lab. They might not detect low, but still potentially harmful levels of many contaminants. We believe you’re better off spending a little more money for a true water quality screen.

vs. Direct from laboratories

You could contact 3 laboratories, find one specialized in drinking water, negotiate a quote for 100+ contaminants, navigate their directions, send them your samples, wait for your results and then try to understand what 14 PPB of Hexachlorocyclopentadiene means for your health. Or you could allow us to make this simple and more valuable for you. We give you lower prices, more complete results, professional advice, and personalized water treatment recommendations if you need them.

What makes Tap Score different?

Your Tap Score results are not just a collection of numbers, but include information about the health implications for you and your family. This information is continuously updated to reflect the latest research, so if you check your Tap Score 3 months after you first get it, you can learn if something has changed.

Our product recommendation engine allows us to find effective treatment solutions based on your specific contaminant profile. We are unbiased and will present you with a small questionnaire to understand your drinking water needs, and combine that with your Tap Score results to give the best recommendation of NSF certified treatment products possible.

By purchasing Tap Score, you are tapping into and contributing to a very special effort to comprehensively map water quality data in the United States. As part of our mission to connect everyone with safe drinking water, the data we are collecting and analysis we are performing will allow us to uncover and even predict contamination issues in your neighborhood and region.


Your Personal Water Risk Map

We're Building The Most Powerful Water Quality, Health and Environment Map Ever. When Yours Is Available, We'll Tell You!