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With certified lab water testing facilities in all 50 states, we send your water sample to a lab in your own backyard for faster and more relevant results.

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Frequently Asked Questions.

Tap Score is the fastest way to get your water tested. We work with big and small labs all across the US, ensuring you always get the fastest, most relevant water test for your water.


Can I drop off my sample in person?

To ensure a high standard of quality control, even if you live next-door to a laboratory it is important that all sample logistics follow the same process. This is why we include Free Shipping, both ways with every order.

What is the fastest way to get help?

We are real humans. We want to help you as thoroughly and as efficiently as is possible. Having done this work for many years, we have found that Live chat support is usually the best way to answer most questions. We can share materials back and forth and we can clearly explain (and agree upon) complex things in writing. Yes, sometimes, phone calls are better—see below.

What is your phone number?


How fast do I get results?

You'll get results for most test panels in 3-5 business days after your samples arrive at the laboratory. Some tests can take longer. You can see estimated turnaround times (TAT) for all your orders inside your account and on each test kit's product page. Although rare, delayed results sometimes occur due to holidays, or particular issues with a sample or an instrument.

Is your laboratory certified?

Yes. If you have very specific FOA / compliance requirements though, please tell us in advance of your order so we can guide you to the appropriate options. There are literally thousands of nuances to laboratory certification and we will help you choose what you want if you have questions.

Testing 101

Why test my drinking water?

We spend thousands of dollars a year performing maintenance on our homes, but how often do we think about the health and safety of our drinking water? There are multiple reasons now may be a good time.


Reasons to test your drinking water


Changes in Color or Odor

There are many reasons your water may be yellow, brown or smell like rotten or sulfur. Some of those reasons are safe, others not so much, but there is only one way to find out.

Drinking Water Filtration System illustration

Before Installing a Filtration System

Before spending thousands on water treatment, ask yourself what are're actually treating. Understanding what's in your water can narrow your choices and save you money in the long run.

Local Water Facility illustration

Local Water Quality Concerns

Everything's from natural disasters (floods, hurricanes, wildfires) to municipal mismanagement can allow contaminants to creep into your water supply. And local governments are not always quick to be transparent.

Old Plumbing or Infrastructure illustration

Old Plumbing or Infrastructure

The age of our homes and pipes have a heavy impact on our water quality. Drinking water traveling through old pipes can pickup lead, copper and bacteria along the way.

Family Health and Safety illustration

Family Healthy & Safety

Contaminants in our drinking water can cause everything from chronic illness to pregnancy complications and often exist without visible evidence. Testing is the only way to provide peace of mind.