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Arsenic Speciation Testing

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Arsenic Speciation Testing
Arsenic Speciation Testing Arsenic Speciation Testing


Arsenic is a common, naturally occurring metal found in the earth's crust. It is also a known human carcinogen and regulated contaminant in US drinking water because it often comes into contact with underground well water. The US EPA regulates arsenic levels to 10 PPB, while arsenic's Public Health Goal is 0 PPB.

Removing arsenic from drinking water with a home treatment system requires determining whether the site's arsenic contamination is in the 3rd or 5th oxidation state. Arsenic III is uncharged and difficult to remove with most treatment technologies. Arsenic V is easier to remove.

SimpleWater's network of Tap Score Testing Laboratories use standard EPA methods for determining the oxidation state of your water's arsenic so that you can accurately determine how to treat your water to the safest possible level.

Tap Score's Arsenic Speciation Test Package Includes:

1x - Sterilized sampling vial
1x - Clear sampling instructions
1x - Prepaid shipping labels for sending your results to the laboratory.
1x - Reporting and analysis of your arsenic III and arsenic V speciation results

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