GenX and PFAS Water Test

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GenX and PFAS Water Test





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This water testing package includes targeted laboratory analysis for PFAS compoundsGenX in drinking water. GenX is otherwise known as chemical compound Hexafluoropropylene Oxide Dimer Acid (HFPO-DA)  CAS # 13252-13-6. GenX has gained attention in recent years, after the widely reported chemical spill at the Chemours Fayetteville Works in North Carolina, GenX has subsequently been detected in nearby water supplies and is therefor a cause for concern.

This test is for anyone who wants a private laboratory to determine whether traces of the PFAS compounds including HFPO- DA, (sometimes referred to as "Gen X" or "C3 dimer") are present in their drinking water.

GenX is a synthetic compound that requires a special testing methods to analyze at very low detection levels. The role of GenX in human health is relatively unknown still but due to it's close relationship with PFAS compounds, it is assumed to bio-accumulate in animal and human body tissues.

Tap Score testing of GenX and PFAS in drinking water includes laboratory analysis method: EPA 537.1 utilizing isotope dilution. The Tap Score reporting limit for GenX and PFAS in drinking water is 2 parts per trillion (PPT).