Universal Bacteria Genetic Identification Test

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Universal Bacteria Genetic Identification Test
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100% satisfaction guaranteed

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Do you suspect your water is being exposed to fecal contamination or other microbial pathogens? Identify all bacteria in your water sample at the DNA level.

This cutting-edge water testing package provides a comprehensive bacterial DNA analysis of your water sample to uncover sources of biological hazards.

Each order includes all of the materials for universal microbial identification for a single sample. Results include a risk and source assessment of any contamination detected in the sample. In addition to identifying the bacterial species and genera, your test report will provide the relative abundance of each identified organism to assess the health and type of microbial activity within your water source

This is the ideal test for determining the biological health of water and pinpointing source(s) of contamination—especially from surface waters such as lakes, rivers, and beaches that have repeatedly tested positive for E. coli or coliform using traditional indicator tests.

With each purchased  test, you will receive a package with the following contents (per sample): Insulated shipping cooler, 2x 250 mL, sterile poly sampling bottles, 2x Bags for ice, Sampling instructions, Overnight pre-paid return shipping label to lab.